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Alan Richardson - Various Topics - Williams 2 Convention, Western Australia - November 2005

The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup. Thou maintainest my lot. The lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a good heritage. I will bless the Lord, who hath given me counsel; my reins also instruct me in the night seasons. (Psalm 16:5) This is a Psalm of David and nice he could say he just felt everything which had happened to him in his walk with God, even the very lines or lot which he received. I think that’s typical of God’s people today; we are a happy people. There was a queen one time who lived in modern Saudi Arabia; she had heard of the fame of Solomon and she came to see if it was true. It tells us in the book of Kings there was no more spirit in her, “And she said to the king, 'It was a true report that I heard in my own land of thy acts and of thy wisdom. However, I believed not the words, until I came and my eyes had seen it; and behold the half was not told me; thy wisdom and prosperity exceeds the fame which I heard. Happy are thy

Alan Richardson - Trials & Tests (Epistle of James)

James 1:1-6, 12-14: "Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations…. drawn away of his own lust and enticed..." The word "temptations" in the English language has more than one meaning. It can mean "trials and tests" or it can mean "evil". It’s a wonderful thing when we can, in spite of every difficulty and test, still give thanks to the God of heaven. Many people in the scriptures, even though joyous at times, could give thanks to the God of heaven for temptations. God doesn’t tempt, but He does sometimes just stand aside and let things take their course. Hezekiah – God let things take their course. The messengers that came were shown the gold, and precious vessels: maybe not a wise thing that he did, in that instance. I was thirty-nine, when I read a verse: Hezekiah began to reign at twenty-five years of age, and he reigned fourteen years and was told "Prepare to die". And here I was, thirty-nine too. Not easy for Hezekiah to

Alan Richardson - Prayer - Pukekohe 2 Convention, New Zealand - Saturday afternoon, December 17, 2005

Luke 11:1-5, I have been thinking about this matter of prayer and the hymn says prayer is a mighty source of power. I think that is a dilemma that many of God's people make from time to time and God’s servants face, too. When certain kinds of difficulties come and certain situations and problems arise how it should be handled. We know that Jesus did advise Matthew 18:15, that if you have anything against your brother go to your brother alone and if he hears you thou hast gained thy brother. That is always the best. When it is possible. I don’t think Jesus was giving people license to run along to other people with all kinds of faults, He was referring to something that was essentially quite important, particularly in matters of doctrine. It is always better for a person to go to the one concerned because of this reason, then you have gained thy brother. If a person goes to a brother or sister in a situation like that and has some other motive, rather than the motive to help their b

Alan Richardson - Personal History, Sermon - Pukekohe 2 Convention - Sunday, December 22, 2013

My grandfather listened to Adam Hutchison preach the gospel in Northern Ireland, probably about 1903 or 1904. In those days in Northern Ireland, many villages had mission halls and preachers of any denomination could use those mission halls. That’s where Adam and his companion had their meetings. At the close of one meeting, Adam gave opportunity to those who wanted to follow Jesus. He asked them to stand to their feet. A number of young men, just rascals really, nudged each other and said, “We’ll get up,” and they got up and left. My grandfather knew that there was no sincerity in it. He was very interested to see what Adam would do the next night. The next night’s meeting Adam got to his feet and said, “I’ve preached in the highlands of Scotland and I’ve preached in the bogs of Ireland, and in both Scotland and Ireland, I have found people who are very insincere rascals." Then he began to preach very directly and at the close of that meeting, he gave the opportunity again and sa

Alan Richardson - Hope - New Zealand Special Meeting - 2018

Jeremiah told to go down to the potter’s house (Jeremiah 18:1-6), and there he'd learn a lesson – the vessel he made was marred, so he made it again another vessel. "Cannot I do with you as this potter, house of Israel?" 31:15-17, a voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children… refrain from weeping… from tears, for thy work shall be rewarded… there is hope in thine end… children shall come again to their own border. Can you see the common thread – hope. As far as God is concerned, there's no situation without hope. Chapter 18, the vessel was broken, no use any longer, but the potter made another vessel. The Lord was making a strong appeal to His people, "I can do a work if you'd only let Me." Chapter 31, scripture fulfilled when Jesus was a baby – great weeping for all those babies, but there was hope in the baby Lord Jesus. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of hope, and there's no hopeless situation.

Alan Kitto - Come Near to Me, I Pray

In Genesis 42, it tells us of the drought in Egypt. Jacob sent his sons into Egypt to buy corn and they went. Just picture yourselves for a moment in the shoes of those brothers — they didn’t know Joseph now, as they had bowed to him. What was Joseph’s dream? He was binding sheaves and his sheaf stood upright while his brothers’ sheaves bowed themselves to him. In this chapter, these boys took their first step in bowing themselves to Joseph, but did not know it. Now, they had the opportunity of being brought into the presence of someone with the spirit of God — the first sign of bowing in subjection to God, and they didn’t know it. Before long they noticed little changes coming into their lives through chastening. Joseph said in verse 9, “Ye are spies; to see the nakedness of the land ye are come.” They said in verse 11, “We are all one man’s sons; we are true men, thy servants are no spies.” Were they true men? Were they honest? What did they tell their father? This is a terrible pict

Alan Beggs - Instrument of Ten Strings - Athens, Greece Convention - 2013

It is very good to be here in Athens and I enjoyed Crete also. I find it very serious to speak in a meeting. I ask God to help me to have a sermon. I do not know what happens in Greece but back home you can buy sermons and they are as dead as can be. There is a big difference between a sermon and a living message from heaven. These days, as I prayed and pleaded with God, just one thought kept coming to my mind. I spoke about it one year ago and I think some of you may have heard me. We read in Psalm 33 about praising God and different types of instruments. We read about an instrument of ten strings. Years ago an old servant of God said, "We are like an instrument of ten strings. The ten strings are two feet, two hands, two eyes, two ears, one tongue and our mind." An instrument that is out of tune is very hard to listen to. We read in Psalm 95 that we would like to make a good noise to the Lord. So each one of us is like a ten-stringed instrument. All these strings have to be